Monday, 8 June 2015


This was written on the 8/6/15 
OOOPS. Forgot to publish...

So, we finished the film last week, -HOORAY- and I had a job interview also. Good news. I'm officially working for Framestore as a tracking and match move artist. Very happy to be given the key to the door of the VFX company. Such a great opportunity- I worked hard this year and I just simply cannot turn down. Today was amazing, it was so much fun to be introduced to the pipeline and work on my first shot. Meeting some lovely people too which is great. Heading off to Annecy film festival later this week too, so this should be an inspiration boost (and a glisten of sun, as my summer has been cut short >_<). On a brighter note though- I am spending my first summer in the UK since I was 17. Not returning to the USA this summer, I'll miss it, but I'm certain I'll return some day.

Here's to new beginnings :)