Wednesday, 19 June 2013

So I thought this day would never come...

So, tomorrow I am flying out to America! I'm working on a summer camp in NewYork, this is my second year doing this, I had such fun last year, I could write for hours about how great it was yadda yadda yadda i ramble too much about it sometimes im sure, 
so I'm ready for round 2!!!
but I'm going somewhere else this year; I'm being art and crafts counselor at my new camp so it should be fun, so excited to get on my plane and just be there you know! 
so sick of waiting!! 
anywho have another badly drawn (but personally much happier with this drawing than the last digital painting) I really need to practice some more!! 
Right, back in 3 months, love y'all
Seb xox