Monday, 22 December 2014


So this year has been an absolute blast, I've just finished my first term of my final year at Uni. I've been directing my story Luca since I pitched it in October, it's been the most stressful and hectic time of my life, like if I ever thought I was busy before- boy was I wrong. It's been crazy. I've never had more to do in my life. But, it's good. I am learning so many new things and learning more about myself daily. I have a fantastic team of people that I've become unexpectedly great friends with, I am sure that next year will pose more challenges but I'm going to be more than ready.
 I'm restricted to posting too much about the film but it's going okay, as a team we've overcome some serious hurdles. It can only go up.

 Some other things I've been up to include visiting the New Forest on a research trip for the film- as it's set in a forest, we did some research on site. I drove 5 of us there and we researched textures, what things were on the grounds, bark, plants, flowers, scale of trees and much more. We even saw wild horses which was pretty cool. It was a lovely excuse to get out of the routine of studio, work and home and step outside and explore nature.
Another thing cool that happened at uni was I met Rocket the raccoon's cousin- Sox. Sox visited as part of a life drawing class for one of the other graduate films that has a raccoon character. It was so amazing, I feel so grateful I was able to be in the first group to be introduced to Sox, he was so cute and adorable. He was so curious and would just walk around like he owned the place, he wouldn't keep bloody still, I was mesmerised with his characteristics, he's a cheeky little raccoon. 

Here's to 2015

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Busy busy busy

OK! I will try my very best to keep updating this blog, as requested or should I say reminded, a lot has changed over the past months. Since my last post, I spent another 4 months in the United States, working on summer camp and travelling, I've since returned and I am now in my final year at uni, my short film 'Luca' was successful in the ever-so-scary pitch week. SO. My film is getting made. And so far; its incredible. Such an amazing journey, I can't even describe. 

 Storyboard panels/WIP

Friday, 21 March 2014


Personal project stuff is fun. Here's my monster character ;D 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Selfridges Submarine

So this is totally random and I wasn't satisfied with the outcome so it took me ages to post, but it got so many likes on facebook I suppose its relevant and cant be that bad. Over Christmas I was commissioned to make a prototype looking submarine, I recieved the designs and had to stick to them to an extent, it was made by several different attempts, and now resides in the Selfridges London Shop windo, which is pretty darn cool in my eyes! :D it rotates and everything :P 
Made from LOADS of random bits, tubes, paper craft, super sculpey, a sink plug hole, all sorts. It's whack! :D